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Currently, tourism is one of these sectors, which is really momentous economically, politically, socially and culturally. That is why almost every country in the world pays attention of it.

Kurdistan Region has good tourism places socially, culturally and politically, that is why recently it has tried to open tourism departments.

What is worth mentioning is that, despite this importance of this department in Kurdistan, but very few consideration has been set to it and fitting it to the good areas for that. That is why opening tourism department in Rawanduz technical private institute is the turning point in Soran area. Because 80% percent of Hawler governorate touristic places are located in Soran area which includes Soran, Mergasor, Rawanduz and Choman restrict.

Various touristic places in this area will show the significane of this department historically, archeologically, culturally and naturally.

Tourism department in Rawanduz technical private institute, with having an academic and active staff and teachers tries to transform data to the students by working on the important information about these touristic places and the ways of developing tourism sectors in Kurdistan and lead to its highest level plus the social and cultural benefits that this department can build.